How to Build An Organic Growth Machine

26th May 2022 19.00h

Codespace Academy

C/ Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 13 29007 Málaga

Hey there!!

We’ve fully recovered from the J On The Beach hangover and are back with a real life meetup! And we bring a very well known speaker (this is her 3rd time in DMM)

Joanna Booth, Director of Organic Growth at Tourlane, will guide us through how to build an organic growth team to boost organic traffic and revenue and reduce dependency on paid marketing. Covering everything from team structure to roadmaps, you’ll learn how to set up your own organic growth team and how to prioritize, plan, and project organic ROI and growth.

Join us on Thursday 26th May 19.00h at Codespace Academy to learn how to put your team together and push the rocket button.



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